how to support indie authors

How to support indie authors–if buying their book online is too stressful for you or you just hate reading.

Yes, I’m kidding. Kind of. But here’s the thing: most people I know who want to support me also don’t feel like going on Amazon and buying my book, waiting for it to ship to them, and then of all things READING IT. A lot of people I know who want to support me aren’t big readers. Those that are readers have mountainous TBRs. So THIS post is for all of you who fall into either one of those categories. Either, you don’t feel like reading it because you’re not a reader or you don’t feel like it because your TBR is as long as the wall of China. I’ve been in both categories. But, good news, there are some really easy ways for YOU to support all those indie authors out there.

  1. Request their book from your library. This means that you don’t have to buy or read it. You just have to simply call or go to your local library and ask them to put the book in their system. (If it’s not already there.) The only thing most libraries require is an IBSN which you can get from Amazon or anywhere the book is sold. The IBSN is always in the book’s detail section. Once the library has the IBSN, they do the rest!
  2. Attend events. If you discover that there is an indie author having an event near you (such as a launch or signing) and you can make it, go for it. It will be a unique experience that will usually include games, giveaways, and food.
  3. Share their posts online. This is the easiest thing ever.
  4. I mean…you could buy the book.
  5. And/or give it as a gift! If you don’t think the book is something you will enjoy, odds are you know someone that will. Buy or lend it as a gift. If you do that library-request thing, you can tell them that it’s there. Most people think it’s pretty cool if you recommend a book that your friend wrote. It makes you look like you have smart, intellectual friends. (That doesn’t mean that’s what the author actually is but you get it.)
  6. Read it to your cats.
  7. REVIEW IT ANYWHERE YOU CAN. If you’ve read or bought the book or know someone that has LEAVE A REVIEW. Reviews are the only way that Indie Authors garner attention from resalers, readers, and are able to make connections. Even if you hated the book, leave a review. What you might have hated might be something that someone else will love. Even if your review is a sentence like, “It was good,” or, “It was bad,” it helps!
  8. Tell your friends and family about it. Word of mouth goes a long way.
  9. Carry it around and pretend you’re reading it in public. That way, people SEE it and they see you looking like you’re smart. And who knows, maybe your soulmate will come and sit down next to you on a park bench while you’re “reading it” and ask you what you’re reading. See? Then you have that book to thank for the rest of your life.
  10. Read it to your dogs.Β 
  11. WRITE. A. REVIEW. Sorry if it seems like I’m yelling at you. But seriously. Reviews.
  12. Share this blog post! On your Instagram so your friends can see it, on Facebook so your grandma and her friends can see it! On Pinterest so your fellow aesthetic board makers can see it! On twitter I guess? I don’t use twitter.
  13. Gaze at the book lovingly on Amazon and will it to become a best-seller. I mean, ya never know what will work.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that just because the book is self-published doesn’t mean it lacks in quality over a book that has been traditionally published. Authors spend all day repeating this same message to our followers. YOU can make our dreams happen by just clicking share. Every little bit goes a long way.

As always, a big thank you to everyone that does.

Much love,


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