my WIP’s of summer 2019

A few weeks ago, I featured several up and coming or already established indie and aspiring authors I’ve had the pleasure of meeting through the Instagram and blogging communities. In the two posts, these authors shared their own work and progresses; the stories that are burning within them that they’re dying to share. You can read about them here and here.

One of the reasons I asked these authors to collaborate with me was so I could see what my fellow authors are working on while I work on my own projects. You see, one of the most inspiring things to me when I’m writing my own stories, is learning about what others are writing, why they are writing what they are, etc.

So now I’ve decided to do a whole post on (a few of) the projects that have burning within me this summer.

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You may or may not know this, buuuut in March of this year I republished my first fantasy novel Spirit Followers along with the release of its sequel Keepers of the Crown. Since then, I have been hard at work at FINISHING the rough draft of the third book which DOES HAVE A TITLE that you do not yet get to know hehehehe. (sorry.) This rough draft has put me through A LOT of emotions. But in a very, very good way. I am very proud of where this story is going. It has become the most important book to me out of this series thus far. It’s just taking a while to finish the first draft haha. What will I tell you about it? A few interesting facts…

  • It is, in fact, NOT A SEQUAL to SF and KoC, but rather a PREQUEL. You read that right: a prequel. The first of THREE actually. The series will be six books long with three prequels and then the sixth book taking place after Keepers and wrapping everything up. (well…fingers crossed and lots of prayers haha.)
  • There are far fewer main characters (only 2 pov’s this time.) Everything is on a smaller scale: number of characters, world/places readers will go, significant plot points, PAGE NUMBER (it won’t be the 600 monstrosity that was Keepers). Everything except for well…time. *wink wink*
  • It will follow two characters that readers of Keepers of the Crown have already met. I’ll let you guess who.
  • It will primarily take place in an ancient middle-eastern desert-inspired landscape and culture.
  • It will feature retellings of two significant stories from the Bible: the flood and the exodus.
  • You do have to read it if you want to read the final book in the series. (The prequels aren’t really optional lol sorry.)
  • I won’t kill off a lot of people. Maybe. I haven’t done it yet.



This wasn’t supposed to happen. Well, my first collection wasn’t supposed to happen either. And by “suppose to happen” I mean it wasn’t planned or foreseen in my eyes. Poetry just kind of happens for me. I write when I am inspired by certain visuals or concepts and when I really really need to express something that doesn’t really fit into any of the novels I’m working on. After the publication of my first collection Essence of An Age, I knew that another collection would be written, I just thought I would need several years of living and feeling before I could make it happen. It has been almost a year and already I have written the same amount of poems that are in Essence with many more on the way. The tentative title is the blue gabled house which, conceptually, has existed in my mind long before Essence was completed. I’ll talk more about the concept later…when I have more of a feel of what this collection even is. Right now, it’s all over the place, but there is a common thread: me and my relationship with God. And that’s the only one, in the end, that it needs.



I’m plotting it, and it is a lot of fun. I am REALLY EXCITED about it. I am reading a lot of the book of Daniel in the Bible and Susan Wise Bauer’s History of the Ancient World for research. But that is all I will say.



This project is unique because I don’t really know when I will publish it if at all. This is my pleasure writing (not that my other writing is un-pleasurable.) But this is the one I work on with really no idea where it is going. I write it when everything else on my to-do list is done or everything else I’m writing just isn’t working. It is very much in its early stages and exists only in a journal in my own handwriting with gel pens and accompanied by many lyrics (mainly Lorde).

I know where the idea came from, and I have quite an extensive Pinterest board developed. Honestly, the aesthetic of whatever this is is far more developed than the actual written form. What I do know is that I’ve titled it after Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet where the city of Verona is called “fair.” It’s my own take on this city AND 18 or so of the most memorable (or not so memorable) characters William wrote. Except they are all angsty teens and its set in modern-day suburbia. Will this turn into anything? Hopefully, since I’m obsessed with it, but it is a project that won’t really leave my journal or laptop for a long time.


Are there any stories YOU are working on and what are they? Or what upcoming books by other authors are you super excited for? Let’s talk. 🙂


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