insta poets 01. leah anne

Today I wanted to start featuring poets I’ve met through Instagram who I have reached out to collaborate with. One such poet that I am always inspired by and excited to see content from is eighteen-year-old Leah Anne from England who is probably the only poet you’ll ever follow who writes poems FOR and ABOUT her followers! Leah Anne is working on her debut collection now while also sharing her poetry and love on her Instagram. You can follow her here!

I reached out to her to see if she would be willing to be interviewed about her writing process, all things poetic and writerly, and more. She graciously agreed and here is what she had to say!

leah anne

What is it about poetry that you love the most?

I think my favorite thing about poetry is the escape. When I was younger, I wanted to write novels: but growing up I found that I could never properly express my writing in such form. I like poetry because it’s a real insight into just one moment, I can talk about the most powerful things in a very different way. I’ve always enjoyed English as a subject and I’ve also always been an emotional person. I think the two together make a good team.

Do you consider yourself an insta-poet? And how do you think Instagram has affected how you and other people see poetry? 

Yes, yes I do. my intention was never to be an insta poet- in fact, I wasn’t sure about where I was going with everything but I think social media has certainly shaped my poetry that way. I suppose because of simple reasons such as; it’s easier to post and it does reach a wider audience. some of my poems in my collection, however, are much more old school and traditional. I think Instagram has been a great place for me to share, but it’s certainly disheartening when you don’t get the feedback you want and it’s a very slow process.

What is your writing process for poetry like? How is it the same or different when you write poems for your followers?

My writing process is always changing. I find inspiration in so so much- sitting on the bus, people watching, the weather, etc. I usually make a literal spider diagram about what inspired me, and then connotations of the words I’ve written in a certain tone or emotion and I usually write from there. I can spend hours editing a poem that’s only a couple of lines long: I really like everything to be meaningful. it’s similar when I write poems for my followers, I look at their page (which is sometimes hard when they’re private or have no pictures haha) and I, as judgemental as it is, I make an assumption of their character and I write that way. I always keep them positive. 🙂

What made you decide to write poems for your followers? (It’s a really neat idea and I love the poems you’ve produced!) 

thankyou! I actually started it, if I’m honest: because I knew that people would like it. it isn’t my favorite thing to write about, because I struggle to put life’s of others into words with risk of upsetting or not impressing someone enough. however, the more I’ve done it (which I’m telling you is a lot!) I’ve grown to form relationships with people I don’t know through my writing and that’s pretty cool.

You mentioned in a post that you would like to split all the sales from your upcoming book towards sea turtle sanctuary charity and getting a puppy. What made you wish to help turtles and what kind of puppy would you like to get? 

I’m a vegetarian. I absolutely love animals! I traveled to Bali a couple of years ago: traveling is something I’m really into and I’ve done a lot and we visited a sea turtle sanctuary there. the conditions of the animals were just so sad to see, and I decided I wanted to make an impact. also, I love golden retrievers so probably that- and I’d call him Gus!

What are some of your favorite poets and what are your favorite authors/books that are not poetry? 

Honestly, I have so so so so many favorites. I love classic literature so anyone to the likes of the Bronte sisters and Bram Stoker. romance is certainly my favorite, although thrillers are on my list too. and the same with poetry: I love the insta poet generation, and I love classic works too. anything that puts me in an alternate pair of shoes.

Besides poetry, what makes you who you are? 🙂 

I love music and I sing: not particularly well but it’s a part of me I enjoy. I’m a very creative person, so I love the arts in general: acting and art, etc. I think my short hair makes me too, I’m the only brunette in the family. I’m pretty wacky too: I have a pet gecko called Ken and I often cut my own hair haha. Lots of little things make me me.

If you could travel anywhere in the world where would it be? 

I would go straight to safari.

I am so excited for you to publish a collection! What would you say your upcoming collection will be mainly about/what sort of concepts or topics can we expect? 

It touches upon so many things. mainly healing and believing (duh), but femininity, sexuality, grief, loss, love, sexual abuse, abortion. so so so many things that I think are so so prevalent in today’s society and need to be talked about.

Here is a snippet of her poetry: 

leah anne 2.jpg







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