Are you still writing? Yes, I am

Hello, reader!

I hope you are doing well, reading lots of books, aren’t having car issues, and have a cute mask to wear when you go out. I hope it isn’t too hot wherever you live and that you get to go to some nice parks and see a cute dog every once in a while. I hope you enjoy this blog post today as it is, more than anything, an update on all things writing for me. 

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There is quite a lot I don’t put on my Instagram posts and I don’t update this blog often enough, but writing all this out sometimes makes me feel less cluttered and more inspired. 

So to begin with the most exciting news, the third book in my fantasy series will be released in September! Time Passers took a good 3 years to write because it was probably the most emotional journey of writing a book for me thus far. (Which is kind of a scary thought considering how much has gone on in my life this year when I wasn’t writing it. Yikes.) Safe to say that Time Passers and its main character Ilea have healed me in many respects. Ever write something you’re going to go through before you go through it? Ever write something you need a long time before you need it? It’s wild. And powerful and beautiful and magical. I was crying in my room in February just thinking about it. I’m afraid, now, to look at my journal entries about it haha. The ink is probably all smeared by my tears. 

I am writing book 4 in the series and although I keep hitting blocks, I’m being reminded that this is how rough drafts work and that this part of writing is SO MUCH FUN. I’m having a blast, truly. I can’t wait to see what I’m writing in this book that I’ll get to read in a few years and be like, “I really need this right now, THANK YOU JESUS.” Book four is also a prequel to the first two books in the series Spirit Followers and Keepers of the Crown, but it is a sequel to the first prequel Time Passers. Does your head hurt yet? I makes a lot more sense when you read them. C.S. Lewis wrote and published The Chronicles of Narnia out of order which is neat because I can read it in chronological order or publication order and have a somewhat different reading experience. You can do the same with my series, Instruments of Sacrifice


In addition, I have this little side project called Fair Verona which is a “write it in my journal only” type of story. I’m trying a new method of drafting for me where I write a bunch of random chapters and scenes with a vague idea of what the story is without any outline. It’s a lot, and it’s very fun. It makes the drafting stage a lot more enjoyable and makes me very motivated to write. It helps me not to procrastinate. If you don’t already know, Fair Verona is a coming of age, small-town murder mystery story where the reader knows who the killer is the whole time but the mystery is who they killed. It’s also all my favorite Shakespeare characters but they’re all angsty teens in Midwest suburbia. (Who are your favorite Shakespearean characters?? They might, just might be in this book!) 

blog 1

I am, as always, writing poems. Hold tight, there isn’t another collection coming anytime soon but dang does listening to Taylor Swift’s folklore put me in the poetry writing mood. It was raining the other night and I was home alone, so I had some moody indie music on and my notebook and pen. In addition, my good friends from Instagram (hello, if we met there) give me prompts all the time and they are so much fun to use. I’ve been posting some new poems on my stories and they’re in a highlight if you’re interested in reading them. I’ve written a lot of more personal poems that aren’t ready to be shared yet because they’re…well, personal. But I am quite proud of them and will one day be ecstatic to share them. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that for quite a long time I’ve been dabbling in painting and art journaling. I have several inspirations and love to just sit down in the evening and dump color and magazine pieces onto paper. I’ve bought too many glue sticks, I must admit. I’ve been thinking for a while about maybe selling prints of some of my pieces. I’m still doing some research and seeing how other people have done it, so look out for a shop here soon! 

Lastly, I’ve been trying to launch a freelancing business of my own to edit and beta read for other authors (indie, aspiring, etc.) I’ve been reading a lot of books and being paid to give my opinion which is always nice. Sometimes I get headaches from being on my laptop so much BUT it is such fun and I get to work from home so I am hoping that I can expand this more, get some more clients and make some more money. So hey 😉 if you have a book you want it edited or beta read 😉 I’d love to do it 😉 and I read 1-3 chapters for free 😉 AND you can find prices, testimonials, and more info on this website. 

All in all, I have a lot going on and this is just in the writing, creative world of mine. Which is only one part of my overall life. I don’t feel overwhelmed but writing all of this out makes me feel like it is more manageable. What are YOU working on right now? I’d love to know. Let’s inspire and motivate one another! 

As always, much love, 


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    1. Hahaha I am glad that you are screaming (and I hope the screaming is good screaming.) The pictures are quite intentional so I am also glad that you are making the connections. Enjoy 🙂

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