Playlist for my upcoming novel Time Passers

Hello, readers!

Thank you for reading today’s post where I share with you my playlist for my upcoming novel and talk about some of my favorite songs from the playlist. I love listening to music as I write, as it helps me stay engaged, in the mood if you will, and sparks my imagination further. My playlists are usually a combination of soundtrack pieces, riveting classical pieces, and songs with lyrics that pertain to the story I am writing.

I have playlists for the other two books in Instruments of Sacrifice which you can find here: Spirit Followers and Keepers of the Crown 

Time Passers Front Cover

My top 5 most listened to songs while writing Time Passers were: 


I. Deliver Us from The Prince of Egypt soundtrack

Time Passers is loosely based on Biblical events, primarily the Exodus and the plagues in ancient Egypt. Deliver Us is the opening song to The Prince of Egypt DreamWorks film (which I may or may not have watched one too many times in the process of writing this book.) I imagine this song as an opening song to Time Passers too. The song is very cinematic and full of beautiful and emotional lyrics. It feels epic. It makes the listener feel like they are entering into an epic story.


II. Star Crossed by Antonio Pinto from The Host soundtrack

Star Crossed is a song I played whenever Ilea was in the middle of the desert thinking about how far she has come and looking at the stars. Star Crossed is a simple-sounding yet emotionally moving song. It feels ethereal and transcendent.


III. Mirage by Lindsey Stirling with Raja Kumari

This was one of the very first songs I listened to when outlining Time Passers. It feels middle-eastern and adventurous. I imagined Ilea or Leviathan making their way quickly through a marketplace to this song. The setting became very vivid and colorful listening to this song.


IV. Dead in the Water by Ellie Goulding

I fell in love with this song when I first heard it in the movie Divergent. Since then, anytime I have had difficulty connecting with Ilea emotionally and writing a story worthy of representing her properly as a result, I would listen to this song.


V. No Place on Earth by Tony Anderson

This song is simply epic, ethereal, emotional, and moving. This song is tied to, for me, the scene in the book where Moaz is told to go back to Perez. You might be scratching your head because you have no clue what that means, but if you choose to read this book when it is released in September, I highly recommend listening to this song as you read chapter eighteen.


The full playlist is here


You might be confused about my descriptions given that you might have not yet read the book. Time Passers releases in September and until then, you can read the first two chapters on this blog! Chapter one here and Chapter two here!

Until Time Passers is published, please enjoy the music and the excerpts!

Thank you and much love,


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