5 Stories that inspired Time Passers

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Today, as apart of the countdown for the release of Instruments of Sacrifice: Time Passers, I am sharing with you 5 stories (books, movies, etc.) that inspired this installment in my fantasy series.

You might be here wondering what the heck Instruments of Sacrifice is, and if you are, here’s the rundown. Books 1 & 2 (Spirit Followers and Keepers of the Crown) were published in 2016 and 2018 respectively. Time Passers is the third book but because it is a prequel, you don’t have to read the first two books to have a thrilling time. Time Passers, in short, is a middle-eastern, ancient Egypt inspired story of a woman cursed to an immortal life and charged with the protection of the world’s most sought-after artifact: a crown that could change the course of the world when its king comes to wear it. Instruments of Sacrifice is the chosen one story we all know from the perspective of every character but the chosen one.

Time Passers hits shelves on September 26th, so there is still time to pick up books one and two on Amazon today! 😉

(Read the full summary below :)) 

You can read chapter one here and chapter two here of Time Passers for free!

Time Passers Front Cover

Time Passers Back Cover




In my last post about this book, I talked a lot about the music that inspired a lot of the scenes in the book. My favorite soundtrack to listen to was The Prince of Egypt soundtrack, and I also enjoyed watching the movie. The Prince of Egypt is DreamWorks’ retelling of the story of Moses and the Exodus as told in the Bible. The music and animation combined truly bring the story to a vivid life, and it was an interepation that I looked to for inspiration on many occassions while writing Time Passers. TP is a retelling of the Exodus as well but from the perspective of a character not at all present in the Biblical verison. Although the world is inspired by ancient Egypt, it is by no means confined to it. As I took many liberities to make Ilea’s story apart of this classic Hebrew story, there came about many differences. Nevertheless, aside from the Bible itself, The Prince of Egypt always reminded me of the true essence of the story of the Hebrew people being freed from slavery and oppression.


The Bible is the obivous foundation for inspiration for this book. Obvious from the last paragraph and from reading the book itself. My faith has always been the foundation for my writing, but I find that regardless of who each of us is, we all crave a deeply human and exciting story. The Bible is full of such stories. Time Passers is inspired mainly by the Flood (Genesis 6) and the Exodus, but other Biblical inspirations are present as well. The story of Jacob and his 12 brothers is referenced (Genesis 37-50). Also, Shiphrah and Puah (the midwives who refused to kill innocent children on behalf of their Egyptian oppressors – Exodus 1:15-21). The Nephilim (called Shadow Bearers in my books – Genesis 6) and there are several others, but I’ll leave those as nuggets for you to find!


The Story of the World: The Ancient World and The History of the Ancient World both by Susan Wise Baur provided histroical refernce to Biblical events and to ancient Egyptian history that made writing more accurate and fun! I’ve never had so much fun researching than with these two books by my side. I highly recommend them to anyone who enjoys an all-encompassing history textbook that reads like a narrative. (The Story of the World is the children’s verison of the college level The History of the Ancient World. Both are highly enjoyable if you like to eat history for breakfast as I do.)


I love desert landscapes (although I am no longer fond of trying to find other ways to say that it is hot outside.) My first encounter in a fictional story with a desert, middle-eastern-inspired landscape was in The Horse and His Boy by C.S. Lewis. Not many people consider the third chronilogical installment of The Chronicels of Narnia to be their favorite (even above The Lion, the Witch, and the Wordrobe) but I am such person. As some other honorable mentions of desert-landscape based books that I’ve eaten up: The Arabian Nights, The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J. Maas, Tower of the Dawn by Sarah J. Maas, and Peter and the Secret of Rundoon by Dave Barry and Rdiley Pearson.


Finally, and this is might seem cheap haha, but the preceding books published Spirit Followers and Keepers of the Crown are always so helpful to reread when I’m feeling my motivation and inspiration for my current draft dwindling. When feeling little desire to work on Time Passers, I devled into my own created world in its finished products. I remet Ilea (the main character of Time Passers) in Keepers of the Crown as the reader does. I recalled the trajectory and excitment of the story at large. This combined made my world bloom afresh in my mind and kept me going. Time Passers may be a prequel and thus seem unecessary to read, but it is vital to the overall course of this series. (i.e. you won’t be able to read any upcoming books without first reading this one.)


I would love to know what kind of stories capture your attention and make you desire to create your own stories! Please tell me about them in the comments! 🙂

And watch out for more chapters of Time Passers coming to this blog before its offical release on September 26th!

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