Time Passers is Out Today

Hello readers!

Today is the birthday of my fifth published book, Time Passers. I have been working on my fantasy series Instruments of Sacrifice since 2010. I published Spirit Followers in 2016 and Keepers of the Crown two years later.

While Spirit Followers and Keepers of the Crown are published as books 1 and 2 of the series, Time Passers, as many of you know, is a prequel. So while reading the first two books is highly recommended, reading Time Passers first should not be an issue as far as understanding the plot.

Today’s post is less informative about the book itself (I have plenty of other posts about that including free chapters), but more of a deep-dive into the journey of writing this book from me, the author.

TIME PASSERS is a middle-eastern, ancient Egyptian inspired fantasy about a woman cursed to live an immortal life and protect the world’s most sought after artifact: The Crown of Caelae.

You can enter a giveaway to win a free copy of Time Passers on my Instagram here! (Giveaway ends October 1st.)

I first started outline and drafting Time Passers while I let Keepers of the Crown rest for a couple months before publication. TP quickly proved to be the most emotionally challenging book I would write thus far. Aside from the challenge of writing an immortal character over the course of 800 years and dealing with significant time jumps, timelines, and pacing issues, Ilea Sukarno’s story has been one that has affected me more emotionally and spiritually than any other character I’ve written. While writing her story, I did not realize just how much it would reflect my own in the coming years. Ilea is a woman cursed with endless loneliness, a purpose she feels burdened by, the constant comings and goings of people in her life, and above all, her own constant flaw to run away. Ilea identifies herself in her deepest, fearful moments as a coward who only knows how to run. I have found this in myself as well, and I think all humans at one point or another, view themseleves in this way.

Ilea’s story reveals to the reader a human’s journey to see themselves as a Created being with a divine purpose and intention in the world. Ilea is also a bystander to slavery and oppression, who, for majority of the story shows concern for her people being oppressed but doesn’t act as much as she could have to stop it. I think this is something, especially now, that many people face. Ilea is faced with the choice to diminish her cowardliness in the name of love and helping others. In addition, I think this story is a fun retelling AND if you’re familiar with SF and KoC, you’ll find that there is quite a lot of valuable information about the world of Instruments of Sacrifice in this book.

In the end, I am very proud of this book and of Ilea and who she has become. I have learned abundantly about myself, the world, and my God through writing this. Time Passers has healed and taught me in more ways than I can express, and I can hope for nothing more than the same for my readers.

Below, you can view a hand-drawn map of the world in Ilea’s time of this book as well as a mood board I put together. I have also shared links where you can see the book and read the free chapters I already have on my blog.

Thank you, readers, and I hope you’ll join Ilea in Time Passers today and any day after.

Much love,



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