My name Lydia Redwine. I am young author from Cincinnati, Ohio. I like reading other people’s bios more than writing my own, but here’s a bit about me.

I decided when I was nine that I was going to be an author when I grew up. And then I decided that growing up was too far away, so my first book was written by the time I turned eleven. I am deeply in love with Jesus, summer, singing Ribs while driving at dusk, collecting books, drinking strawberry milk, poetry, and glueing pieces of paper together and calling it art.

I have written and published two novels: Instruments of Sacrifice: Spirit Followers and Instruments of Sacrifice: Keepers of the Crown as well as two poetry collections: Essence of An Age and The Blue Gabled House.Β 

You can find my novels on Amazon. You can find my poetry among my blog and Instagram posts as well as sold on Amazon.