Indie Author Services

Indie Author Book Review Policy:

If you are an indie author, I WANT TO READ YOUR BOOK. I am now accepting copies of your book in exchange for an honest review. I want to mainly support indie/self-published authors as I am one myself. (But I will be willing to consider traditionally published works as well…as time allows.)

With my review will be included: links to your social media profiles, quality photos of your book, excerpts that stood out to me, a brief bio of the author, and links to where the book can be found. My review will be posted on this blog and my Goodreads and shared on all of my social media platforms. (Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.)

I am accepting (but not limited to) poetry, fantasy (middle grade, YA, NA, and adult), historic fiction, innovative non-fiction (it really has to make me think and not read like a stale piece of bread), sci-fi (all ages), and any sub-genre of any of these categories. I WILL NOT accept erotica, most romances (depends on your pitch), or horror. No horror whatsoever. PLEASE. (I watched The Haunting of Hill House and although I liked it, I never want to do through anything like that again, thank you very much.)

To submit your book, email me at including your name, the title of your work, a blurb, and how you found me. DO NOT INCLUDE YOUR MANUSCRIPT. If I am interested in your story, I will then ask for a digital copy.

Let’s support each other! Send me your book for a review!


Beta Reading Services: 

Beta reading is one of the best ways to not only connect with other writers, but to gain fresh perspective on your work. When you’re the only one reading and editing your book, you start to become lost in your own style and can no longer see any issues. (Trust me, I know.)

I will beta read for FREE, if you are willing to do the same for me.

For costs and other details, contact me


Author Interviews and Book Features: 

Need to just “get yourself out there?” Email me for a brief list of questions that you can answer for you and your work. This service is free of charge (at this time). Author Interviews will be paired in one post featuring the work of your choice (if you have more than one). My email:


For more information or questions, contact me!