for the writer

Write the stories that keep you up at night, burning and fervent and reeling; the ones you never want to leave, never have to leave because they are so deeply a part of you that they fill every crevice and void.


Services For Aspiring and Indie Authors: 

I want to help you achieve your dreams! Being a successful author requires community and support. Although I do charge for most of these services, I am willing to trade services such as beta reading and editing. Contact me is trade is what you would rather do.

Reviews & Promotion:

I would love to read and review your book. The review is posted on Goodreads, Amazon page where the book is sold, and a special post including a mood board on my blog.

Completion Period Estimation: 1-2 weeks upon receiving the book.

Price: $25 per book.

Beta Reading:

I would love to help you spruce up your unpublished book by beta reading.

Completion Period Estimation: 1-3 weeks upon receiving the book for full manuscripts. Otherwise, the time frame is determined by how much of the manuscript the author has completed. I read 1-3 chapters for free so that the author and I can see if we’re a good fit. Then, half is paid up front and half is paid upon completion.

Price: Prices differ on the word count as described below.

0-30,000 words is $25.

30,000-100,000 words is $50

100,000-150,000 words is $75

150,000-200,000- $100,

and if you think you’re George R.R. Martin and your book is over 200,000 words is $115

(This price is based on an entire draft of an entire manuscript. An additional $25, $50, $75, $100, or $115  would be charged for a second draft. If the author desires to have only part of their manuscript beta read, they can contact me for price-per-word rates.)

Line Editing and Proofreading: 

Includes fixing grammatical mistakes, spelling, punctuation errors, and sentence structure if needed.

Completion Period Estimation: 1-4 weeks upon receiving the book.

Price: $25 for $0-30,000 words.

$50 for 30,000-100,000 words.

$75 for 100,000 + words.

Formatting for Amazon Print and Kindle:

Completion Period Estimation: 1 week upon receiving the book.

Price: $50 per book.

Cover Creation:

All of the covers are for sale below. Each cover is $15. Once sold, no other author can receive the same cover. Covers are changed using the author’s title and name. For questions about custom covers, contact me.

Entire Package:

Get all of the above services for combined prices listed below!

This includes Beta Reading, Editing and Proofreading, Formatting, and Review and Promotion of the book.

Completion Period Estimation: 1-2 months upon receiving the book. (This is a rough estimate of the time frame. The exact time frame is determined from author to author depending on their needs for their book.)

Prices: (does not include covers. Pre-made covers are additional $15. Custom are $25) 

0-30,000 words: $125

30,000-100,000: $175

100,000+ words: $225



“I hired Lydia to beta read my manuscript. She was absolutely wonderful! She was timely in her completion. Her feedback was equal parts constructive criticism and positive encouragement. Her suggestions definitely helped strengthen my manuscript. I highly recommend her services. I will certainly be reaching out to her for future projects.”
– Kristine Anderson, author of the upcoming novel “When War Knocks”