for the writer

Write the stories that keep you up at night, burning and fervent and reeling; the ones you never want to leave, never have to leave because they are so deeply a part of you that they fill every crevice and void.


Services For Aspiring and Indie Authors: 

I want to help you achieve your dreams! Being a successful author requires community and support. Although I do charge for most of these services, I am willing to trade services such as beta reading and editing. Contact me is trade is preferable.

Reviews & Promotion:

I would love to read and review your book. The review is posted on Goodreads, Amazon page where the book is sold, and a special post including a mood board on my blog. Includes the author’s guest post on my blog, and an interview with the author.

Completion Period Estimation: 1-2 weeks upon receiving the book.

Price: $25 per book.

Beta Reading:

I would love to help you spruce up your unpublished book by beta reading.

Completion Period Estimation: 1-3 weeks upon receiving the book for full manuscripts. Otherwise, the time frame is determined by how much of the manuscript the author has completed. I read 1-3 chapters for free so that the author and I can see if we’re a good fit. Then, half is paid upfront and half is paid upon completion.

Price: Prices differ on the word count as described below.

0-30,000 words – $25.

30,000-100,000 words – $50

100,000-150,000 words – $75

150,000-200,000 – $100,

and if you think you’re George R.R. Martin and your book is over 200,000 words is $115

(This price is based on an entire draft of an entire manuscript. An additional $25, $50, $75, $100, or $115  would be charged for a second draft. If the author desires to have only part of their manuscript beta read, they can contact me for price-per-word rates.)

Line Editing and Proofreading: 

Includes fixing grammatical mistakes, spelling, punctuation errors, and sentence structure if needed.

Completion Period Estimation: 1-4 weeks upon receiving the book.

Price: $50 for $0-30,000 words.

$100 for 30,000-100,000 words.

$150 for 100,000 + words.

Formatting for Amazon Print and Kindle:

Completion Period Estimation: 1 week upon receiving the book.

Price: $50 for any book between 50-300 pages.

$75 for any book between 300-600 pages.

$100 for any book exceeding 600 pages.


Entire Package:

Get all of the above services for combined prices listed below!

This includes Beta Reading, Editing and Proofreading, Formatting, and Review and Promotion of the book.

Completion Period Estimation: 1-2 months upon receiving the book. (This is a rough estimate of the time frame. The exact time frame is determined from author to author depending on their needs for their book.)


0-30,000 words: $200

30,000-100,000: $275

100,000+ words: $350