for the writer

write the stories that keep you up at night, burning and fervent and reeling. the ones you never want to leave, never have to leave because they are so deeply a part of you that they fill every crevice and void.


Services For Aspiring and Indie Authors: 

I want to help you achieve your dreams! Being a successful author requires community and support. Although I do charge for most of these services, I am willing to trade services without money. Contact me for more info.

Reviews: I would love a free copy of your book (digital or physical) in exchange for an honest review on my Goodreads, Amazon, socials, and my blog. I am especially enthusiastic about receiving books published by indie authors. I accept most genres except for adult romance, erotica, and horror. I have to be really interested in your book in order to read it. If interested or if you would like to know more, please contact me!

Beta Reading: I would love to help you spruce up your unpublished book by beta reading. I am willing to read small sections or entire manuscripts depending on size, genre, and deadlines. I generally only beta read on how busy I am and if the story really interests me and if the author is willing to do the same for me. My preferred genres are: fantasy (all ages), historic fiction, magical realism, some contemporary, poetry but I am open to pitches for other genres. I do NOT accept adult romance, erotica or horror. If interested or want more info, feel free to contact me!

Author Interviews: I would love to interview you whether you haven’t published yet, are just starting out, or have published traditionally or indie. (I’m an indie author so I REALLY want other indie authors.) Contact for more info.

Guest posts: I would love for you to write for my blog! Anything bookish, author life, writerly things, adventures, or poetic are welcome. For more info, contact me!