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Reviews & Promotion:

I would love to read and review your book. The review is posted on Goodreads, Amazon page where the book is sold, and a special post including a mood board on my blog. Includes the author’s guest post on my blog, and an interview with the author.

Completion Period Estimation: 1-2 weeks upon receiving the book.

Price: $25 per book.

Beta Reading:

I would love to help you spruce up your unpublished book by beta reading.

Completion Period Estimation: 1-3 weeks upon receiving the book for full manuscripts. Otherwise, the time frame is determined by how much of the manuscript the author has completed. I read 1-3 chapters for free so that the author and I can see if we’re a good fit. Then, half is paid upfront and half is paid upon completion.

Price: Prices differ on the word count as described below.

0-30,000 words – $50

30,000-100,000 words – $75

100,000-150,000 words – $100

150,000-200,000 – $150

and if you think you’re George R.R. Martin and your book is over 200,000 words is $200

Editing (developmental, line/copy editing and proofreading): 

Completion Period Estimation: 1-4 weeks upon receiving the book for each type of editing.

Price: $100 for $0-30,000 words.

$150 for 30,000-100,000 words.

$200 for 100,000 + words.

Formatting for Amazon Print and Kindle:

Completion Period Estimation: 1 week upon receiving the book.

Price: $50 for any book between 50-300 pages.

$75 for any book between 300-600 pages.

$100 for any book exceeding 600 pages.

Entire Package:

Get all of the above services for combined prices listed below!

This includes Beta Reading, Editing and Proofreading, Formatting, and Review and Promotion of the book.

Completion Period Estimation: 1-2 months upon receiving the book. (This is a rough estimate of the time frame. The exact time frame is determined from author to author depending on their needs for their book.)


0-30,000 words: $350

30,000-100,000: $400

100,000+ words: $450


“I hired Lydia to beta read my manuscript. She was absolutely wonderful! She was timely in her completion. Her feedback was equal parts constructive criticism and positive encouragement. Her suggestions definitely helped strengthen my manuscript. I highly recommend her services. I will certainly be reaching out to her for future projects.”
– Kristine Anderson, author of the upcoming novel “When War Knocks”

“Lydia did a great job pointing out where I was telling more than showing. Additionally, her comments helped me understand which characters needed to reveal more of their motivations. I had cut quite a bit of backstory from the early chapters and Lydia asked good questions that helped me identify which parts I needed to put back into the story. Lydia didn’t just point out areas she thought were problems, she also commented on areas she thought were good.” – YA Fantasy Novelist RR Harper 

“I approached Lydia with Book 2 of a series, wanting to know if a reader could pick it up as the first book and still follow along. She worked with me to get it to that point, and I’m starting to feel confident about pushing it out into the world.” 
– Author Anitha Perinchery 
“Lydia is a great pleasure to work with. Her beta-reading focuses on the characters and believable world-building, which was infinitely helpful in my fantasy novel she reviewed. Her commentary is both witty and detailed throughout the process. I strongly recommend her as a beta-reader for a writing project and definitely hope to work with her again!”
– Upwork user and fantasy novelist Deeani Gonzalaz 
“Lydia did a wonderful job helping my vision come to life in a timely manner and provided wonderful feedback to me! Definitely would recommend!” Elia Norina, author of After Him, Over, and In Between 
“Lydia was everything you would want in a beta reader: thorough, responsive, and fast.  She pointed out what worked and what didn’t and gave suggestions for what to do instead, which will help make for a much better story.  I’d be happy to recommend her to anyone.”
– Brooke Blanchard, Novelist