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Instruments of Sacrifice: Spirit Followers 

(Released December 2016) 

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                        When a Royal dies, the realms elect the one to take their place. By reasons Camaria does not know, her realm elects her as the next Royal. Now that she is the new-found sixteenth Royal of the nation of Mirabelle, Cam embarks on a journey with her sisters and a young huntsman to the four realms of the nation to complete training in the four kinds of magic. Once she has completed this training, she will then be permitted to consume her annual amount of magic and possess manifested powers. Her ventures are unexpectedly steeped in precarious events when Cam discovers a secret plan of revolt, a past she never knew, and an ancient people group thought dead who call themselves the Spirit Followers.




Instruments of Sacrifice: Keepers of the Crown

(Released March 2019) 

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              Camaria is chasing the sparks of a war and trying to put them out before her world erupts into flames and all is gone. The vanishing of the magic of Mirabelle is only the beginning and the Seekers are formed to find its captors. Camaria, her sister Fiera, the young huntsman Caleb, Cinis Lumen leader Tyron, former Gnosi heir Riah, and two others are sent east to find their stolen magic, but each has a mission of their own. Cam, having been banished from two of Mirabelle’s realms, is determined to redeem herself by locating the legendary Crown of Caelae, prophesied by the Watchers, one of which was Peter’s father. Riah continues his secret quest to become one of the unidentified master’s seven warriors. Fiera still holds the wooden ball with its strange message inside, and Caleb has a secret past of his own. Peter, who remains in Mirabelle, is on the brink of discovering all of his father’s secrets and forming a plot of revenge on those who had killed Daniel years ago. Their own ventures are put on hold when they suddenly cross paths with an unexpected enemy in the perilous land called the Valley of Poison.





Instruments of Sacrifice: Time Passers 

(Releases September 26th, 2020) 

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Far before the Crown of Caelae came to Mirabelle, it was found in the hands of Ilea Sukarno when she was led into the kingdom of Perez by the desert’s most notorious assassins, the Jarhira. After an accidental display of her magical abilities, Ilea sets out to rescue the slaves of Perez as well as to discover why her old acquaintance, a Shadow Bearer who calls himself Leviathan, has made himself close to the kingdom’s ruling court. Her quest does not go as planned, however, when she crosses paths with the youngest son and daughter of the ruling family, Perez’s once most wanted criminal, her own past, and her own god Elyon who is unleashing plagues that will leave Perez – and its people – broken forever.






Essence of An Age: A Collection of Poetry and Prose 

(Released September 2018) 

insta ESSENCE OF AN AGE                   Essence of An Age is the first poetry collection by Lydia Redwine and explores the depths of the heart, mind, and soul during the years where one is finding that they are growing up. Its emotional imagery will sweep readers into a world as real as their own, a world dealing with the dualities of life. The salt and sugar. All that is experienced in love and growth.





The Blue-Gabled House: A Collection of Poetry and Prose 

(Released March 1st, 2020) 

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The Blue Gabled House is the second collection of poetry by Lydia Redwine and explores the mind and heart of the nineteen-year-old author as she navigates the first stages of a new season of life. This collection explores growth, change, and acceptance of oneself as well as others. Solemn and sweet, these poems explore love, loss, and discovery.





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